“The Three Battlegrounds” by Francis Frangipane

image This is a definitely a sit down and read in one sitting type of book.   Helpfully, Frangipane outlines the three battlegrounds that are in every believer’s life: The Mind, the Church, and the Heavenly Places. In my view, the best section deals with the areas of personal darkness.  These strongholds include thoughts and opinions, unbelief, past failures, and fear. The response needs to be a Spirit-led Christ-like life which demonstrates the peace of God.  “The more peace you have in adversity”, he says, “the more you are truly walking in Christ”

The second section picks up one Frangipane’s other key themes – the city wide church as the true expression of church.  He therefore focuses on the establishment of positive relationships between pastors.  Not everyone will agree with that view, but the principle of building up other churches by pastors having a servant heart towards each other, is surely essential,

The final section with warfare in the heavenly places. To do this he suggests once again that the main battle is by focusing on Jesus and taking ground in our own lives. He exposes the works of the enemy through the spirit of Jezebel (encouraging apostasy, control others, attacking male leadership, targeting embittered women, humiliation, sexual immorality) and guides the reader through prayer, how to address this stronghold.  Lots of valuable insights!

Frangipane can be a bit of a love him or not character, although those who don’t often have a long list of others they also don’t approve of!  What I read in this book echoes in my heart the comment of Jack “Majesty” Hayford:

I know of few prophetic voices to the body of Christ that match the consistency of wisdom and balance of truth that Francis Frangipane represents. His pastor’s heart and biblical solidity flavour his writing and nourish souls unto health while calling us all to God’s purposes in this present hour.

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