The Highway Code For Happiness


I came across this cracking little book at the Baptist Assembly.  Although it had nothing to do with the Assembly, other than being sold on the bookstall.


I read it in pretty well one sitting.  It’s full of very wise advice on simply having a happier life.  Published by CWR, the Perrott’s are Christian counsellors and there’s plenty of biblically wisdom on tap.  But they invite those who do not share their faith to still join them in considering values which make for wholeness. It would be a good read for those with a sufficiently open mind to consider that Christians could indeed have learnt a few things about happiness which are worth sharing.


There a no magic ‘ten easy steps to happiness’ here, no quick fixes or short cuts.  Dreams need discipline, contentment comes through character and it is meaning that makes life worthwhile. Happiness is a serious business! Some people have everything yet are miserable; others have little or nothing but are full of life and vitality.


The Perrotts argue that happiness (or unhappiness) is largely a choice. I think they are probably right.  Seek happiness for itself and it will escape.  Aim for other, better, higher things and happiness is likely to follow.

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