Spiritual warfare is spiritual warfare

Jeremiah 18.16 (NASV)
To make their land a desolation,
An object of perpetual hissing;
Everyone who passes by it will be astonished
And shake his head.

Not every translation has the word "hissing" in the text. In translations like the NIV the physical act of hissing is replaced with the feeling of scorn. 

Richard Beck says he found the following in the note to Jeremiah 18.16:

Hissing: in some ancient Near Eastern cultures hissing was not only a sign of derision but a magical means of keeping demons away; people hissed in order to ward off danger, like whistling in a cemetery.

In light of this, he says he’s taken up hissing as a part of his practice in resisting the Principalities and Powers. He’s now hissing in meetings, in stores, in political discussions. It’s all a bit distracting to co-workers, friends and family, but "spiritual warfare is spiritual warfare".

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