Kingdom Planting

I’m impressed with this insight from David Fitch:

I would like to call all missional church planters (and for that matter missional leaders period)  into “political organising” for the Kingdom.

“Political organisers” (often called “community organisers”) work in neighbourhoods, villages and cities to gather people around a cause for the improvement of certain aspects of their neighbourhoods or villages.

Missional leaders are “political organisers for the “politic of Jesus.” We are “political organisers for the Kingdom.”

Our primary task is to gather people around the King under his Rule for the manifestation of His Kingdom in our midst for the sake of God’s blessings and righteousness in the neighbourhood and inviting the world into that.

We gather people into the reconciliation of all things in Christ, the renewal of all of life in relation to God through Jesus. This is a social reality. This takes gathering people and organising them.  This takes welcoming Christians, contextualised systems and recruiting (non coercively) and then those outside the realm shall come. So my challenge is for missional leaders to become “political organisers for the Kingdom

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