God’s future is among ordinary people!

I have written elsewhere about my basic conviction that the Spirit of God dwells among  the ordinary people of God.   I have described how, by extension, God’s future is among these people, not with boards and leaders with vision and mission statements.

The imagination for what a local community  of Christians might be doing in their  neighbourhoods is found among the people themselves, not in programs designed for another era or deemed by leaders as essential to the inner life of a church. 

The unthinkable, unimaginable new things the Spirit is gestating in a local church will be called forth in conversations among the people. This is why the role of leadership is that of cultivator rather than program planner, a shaper of dialogues rather than a cheerleader for established programs.

Missional map-makers do not go about looking for people to fill the programs of the church but become detectives of divinity listening in on conversations, attending to what the Spirit might be birthing, ready to be surprised  rather than bent on fitting people into predetermined categories.

Mission-shaped leaders create environments of permission-giving and in which  these ordinary dreams might be birthed.

p. 170, Alan Roxburgh, Missional Map-Making: Skills for Leading in Times of Transition

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