“Can You Stand to Be Blessed?” by TD Jakes


When we had Sky, I rarely watched the religious channels.  Now we have FreeView, I do miss stopping at the God channel and enjoying the passion with which TD Jakes speaks.  Jakes pastors the The Potter’s House, a nondenominational church, in Dallas, Texas. In just over seven years, The Potter’s House grew from 50 families to more than 28,000 members.  The church brings together the down and out – the homeless and released offender – to sit beside the up and coming – the celebrity and community leader. They worship and serve together in one or more of the 59 different ministries within the church. He was named "America’s Best Preacher" in a 2001 Time magazine cover story.

Jakes is quite simply inspirational.His preaching does your heart good.  Writing in Charisma Magazine, Ken Walker explained "He [Jakes] delivers the Word in such a lightening rod fashion that he makes you believe that all things really are possible with God."  

That too is the heart of this book.  Does any runner enter a race without training for it? Does a farmer expect a harvest without preparing a field?  So why do Christians believe they can hit the mark without investing any effort?  If we want to fulfil our destiny in God, we need his inner strength, for the journey will be full of twists and turns and obstacles.

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