Believe without believing

My view is that the "single-sex marriage issue" will become yet another master-signifier within the Christian world.  A master signifier is an vacuous organising principle created from a fantasy but which allows a person feel good for what he or she has done or believes. Yet it demands nothing of this person. In essence it enables us to “believe without believing,” in Žižek’s famous words. It allows us to be Christians without it meaning anything material to us.

"There is a real danger that single-sex marriage will becomes an identity marker amongst Christians – another fracture in the unity of the worldwide church. I call this turning it into a Master Signifier – a ideological given.

This works against God in Christ doing anything different among us and our sexual lives. In essence, we cement the status quo firmly in place with all its antagonisms. We get nowhere. There is no open space for sexual redemption.

We need to create space for a whole new conversation. Sadly, my guess is, neither side wants this."

So it is with interest that I saw these two news reports.

Clearly, many Christian leaders worldwide are now having to express their view on single sex marriage – to take a position on this master-signifier: Rob Bell Comes Out for Marriage Equality.

I find myself agreeing with David Fitch about Bell’s comments:

Who is Rob Bell speaking for/to in affirming gay marriage?

His (former) church [Mars Hill – unlikely]? Christians at large? The press? Culture observers? Gay Christians? Why or who should be paying attention to him? and Why?

More and more I’m seeing Christian leaders who have no congregation/people they’re accountable to (who yet carry media/publishing driven leadership) create division with pronouncements.

When we listen to a Christian leader we should first and foremost look at place of ministry/accountability from which he/she speaks.

And this is what happens when someone challenges this new morality:  Folk Legend Incites Mass Walkout With Anti-Gay Speech… In San Francisco



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