A piece of 1960’s angst

I’ve been watching Tommy, the 1970’s rock opera written mostly by Pete Townshend and The Who. I’d quoted something from Tommy in a sermon recently and a friend passed me the DVD in its digitally remastered glory!  It’s not bad – but nothing like as good musically as the original concept album. But then the album was perhaps one of the greatest of the 1960s.

I’d forgotten all about the complex song "Christmas"

Did you ever see the faces of the children,
They get so excited
Waking up on Christmas morning
Hours before the winter sun’s ignited.
They believe in dreams and all they mean
Including heaven’s generosity.
Peeping round the door
To see what parcels are for free
In curiosity.

And Tommy doesn’t know what day it is.
He doesn’t know who Jesus was
Or what praying is.
How can he be saved
From the eternal grave?

I believe in love
But how can men who’ve never seen
Light be enlightened.
Only if he’s cured
Will his spirits future level ever heighten.

Tommy: See me, feel me, touch me, heal me!
              See me, feel me, touch me, heal me!

Thirty years on, the means of revelation and salvation for those which unable to "hear" gospel are unlikely to be discussed in contemporary music.  How many in our community cry out "See me, feel me, touch me, heal me!" 

Ohhh, and a young Elton John sings "Pinball Wizard". 

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