The Lord of the Sabbath (Luke 6:1-11)

Jesus never proposed breaking divine commandments or disobeying the Bible. The rules and regulations of the Pharisees were human interpretations and applications of biblical laws.

What Jesus really does for them and us was teach how to interpret the Bible, live life and set priorities.

Jesus shows us what we may do Luke 6:1-5

"The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath." He’s saying that he is the Lord and he can give permission for someone to eat his bread whenever he wants. Jesus is saying that he shows us what we may do when our needs are so great that traditions must be overruled. 

We do not live by rules but by Jesus’ Lordship. We live more by relationship than by rules, more by grace than by law. However, there is a danger of terrible misapplication.

But when we start making up our own rules or interpreting them independently, we have become Pharisees and disobedient to God. God gives the rules and Jesus interprets them.

Jesus shows us what we should do Luke 6:6-11

There is also great power in the contrast between those whose lives are lived by rules and those whose lives are lived by grace

The men who lived by rules without grace were furious and were filled with hate.

Many of us frequently face similar choices. We must choose between rules and people. We have to decide the higher priorities. Often these are extremely difficult decisions.

The Bible is full of God’s commandments that are our best interest. The best summary is the Ten Commandments. But the Ruler is more important than the rules. The greatest lesson is to put God first. Never fall in love with the rules. Fall in love with and follow the Lord!

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