Jesus: The Forgiver of Sins

Luke 5:17-26
A hard thing and a harder thing: healing and forgiveness 5:23

Sin and disease cause death (Rms 5:12)

image Faith expressed in action catches God’s eye (5:17-20; Jam 2:15-17)

Only God can forgive sin (5:21, 24; Dan 7:13-14)

Healing and forgiveness are signs of the Kingdom (5:25-26; 7:21-23)

Luke 5:27-32
Forgiveness and healing: living on the edge 5:27

image Where do holiness and mission meet?  (5:27; Eph 5:7-14)

Can anyone who believes in Jesus be blessed? (5:28-29; 1 Cor 1:26-31)

Is complaining a sign of faithfulness? (5:30; Ps 106:25; 1 Cor 10:10)

Who are the sick today? Who is it that Jesus is seeking out? (5:31)

Cell outline

1. What quality did Jesus see in the paralytic man who was lowered from the roof? What were his first words to him? (v 20) How is forgiveness a kind of healing?

2. Why did the Pharisees think that Jesus’ words to the paralytic man were blasphemous?

3. What question did Jesus ask the Pharisees? (v 21) What is the answer? Why is one easier to say than the other?

4. From whom do we need forgiveness? To whom should we give forgiveness?

5. What kind of jobs do you think present the greatest temptation to do wrong? Why? Was Levi in such a job?

6. What was Levi’s first action as a new follower of Jesus? (v 29) Who did he invite to his “new career” party? In what ways do you think he was proud to be associated with Jesus?

7. What was the point of the Pharisees’ question to Jesus’ disciples in v 30? In what ways does Jesus’ reply help us to balance our lives between Christians and those who do not have faith.

(b)Going Deeper

1 . To follow Jesus or to walk more closely with Him, what are (or were) the most difficult things (or ways of life) for you to leave behind?

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