Learning to Prophesy

ProphecyA. Stir up the Gift

1. Be humble (Jam 3:14-17; Rev 3:7)

2. Value the gift of prophecy (1 Cor 14:3)

3. Ask God for the gift of prophecy and then stir it up (1 Cor 14: 1, 39-40)

4. Determine to say whatever God gives you to say (Lk 16:9-10; 1 Thess 5:19)

5. Believe strongly that the Lord is with you (Jer 1:8; Jud 6:16; Hag 2:4)

6. Have hands laid on you to receive this gift (Rms 1:11; 2 Tim 1:6; 1 Tim 4:14)

7. Wait for God’s timing
When we begin to move in the prophetic, we have to resist the "urge to splurge".

Timing and true destination are very important matters. Some prophecies are to be announced now; others wait for intercession, and still others may even be for your ears alone. Some prophecies are to be put on file until God tells you when it is time to share them. Some must be written down, perhaps dated and shown to trusted leaders, helping to guard the gift against accusations of fraud when the events eventually transpire and you are accused of prophesying after it all happened!

Some prophecies are for a specific individual, others for the group. You have to know the timing of when to deliver them and, of course, specifically for whom they are intended.

It is also wise to have the humility to check what the Lord shows you, seeking the wise judgment of others you trust. You may have a prayer partner, or be part of a prayer triplet, whose wisdom can help you weigh the message, in prayer and with honest common sense, to test the inspiration that has come to you.

Prophetic words should agree with the tenor of Scripture and be passed on in an attitude of humble submission to the spiritual authority of church leaders, not least because prophetic ministry is very powerful and if it is not clearly submitted to the leadership and exercised within the ministry team of a church, it may appear to be pushing for a rival or independent authority over against them.

Trust in God, act in faith, but keep a wise personal discipline and respect the judgement of other anointed servants of God,

8. Know that you’ll have times of training and testing from the Lord (Heb 12:6; 1 Kn 17:2-6; Jon 1:17)
Prepare yourself for this. Ready yourself for more pain and more darkness than the average Christian will ever experience. Because God is interested in developing your character and your knowledge of him, the truth of Hebrews 12:6, "

Those whom the Lord loves he beats the hell out of" may be a description of yow life.

God may keep you hidden and your gift under wraps until the time for sudden disclosure arrives. Sometimes, you will experience the attacks of wicked people and demonic powers. Satan wants to snuff out your ministry before it can prove truly effective. The Lord therefore wants you safely contained for a while, until you are ready.

You will be sharpened by seasons of change and times of quietness when it seems like God has just forgotten about both you and your gifts and, try as you may, you can’t hear a thing from him and you conclude that people have forgotten that you ever existed. You receive nothing.

This can last for months and, in some cases, years. You begin to think and question: "Did I sin? Have I disobeyed the Lord? What’s gone wrong with me?" The answer is: "Nothing". It is all part of the training. All is well. You are God’s servant and you prayed for this ministry. No wonder God has taken you in hand for special training and preparation, including inevitable obstacles, hurdles and restraints.

Everything is part of God’s good gift as he calls you, equips you and opens the way for you. Just humble yourself and wait for God’s springtime to come again.

B. Know How God Will Speak Through You

1. The Lord can give you a prophetic “oracle”

2. You can give a prophetic exhortation

3. You can pray prophetically (Lk 1:67-79; Ez 9:6-15; Neh 9:6-37; Eph 6:18)

4. Sing prophetically (Rev 4 and 5; Job 38:7; Zep 3:17)

5. Read Scripture prophetically

6. Perform a prophetic action

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