Face to Face with God: The Living God

face2face_websiteOnce we have had even a glimpse of God’s glory, we are ruined. We can no longer "play" at having a relationship with God. He is burning with holiness. Jesus wants "red hot" disciples who are willing to impact the world because they have seen His glory.

The Lord was sitting on a throne

He is the Eternal One. He does not age, is not senile, has no weaknesses, no handicaps and cannot die. He occupies the throne of the whole universe. He always will. He is Lord over all things, visible and invisible, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. No angel or demon can effectively threaten those who belong to Him. No man or woman can arbitrarily harm us because there is a King on the throne and we belong to him.  God is in total control and he knows what has to be done.

One of the early Church Fathers wrote,

"I believe Christ died for me because it is incredible and I believe that He rose again bodily from the dead because it is impossible."

Our God is an awesome God! The incredible becomes credible with Him, and the impossible becomes possible. It is time for us to believe in both the incredible and the impossible again, because we follow the God of the incredible and the God of the impossible! It’s time we let God be God.

Isaiah looked up

Isaiah looked up and saw God. He gazed in awe and wonder at this incredible being. What he saw overwhelmed him. The point is simple: unless we have also "looked up" and been held in awe and holy fear by a revelation of God, we are likely to spend our time looking around and becoming fearful of the unholy culture and hostile, evil forces that surround us.

When Isaiah looked up he saw not only God, but awe-inspiring, incredible angelic beings circling His throne. Here we read of another order of beings akin to them: the very powerful seraphim – the servants of God dwelling in His very presence. These angels presumably have a fiery appearance because they are sometimes referred to as "the burning ones".

The fact that they covered their faces is an action that speaks powerfully of the seraphim’s reverence for God. They were demonstrating the fact that no creature may safely or casually look upon the direct glory of God impertinently or without invitation to do so.

The covering of the face perhaps also conveyed an element of conscious "unworthiness" within these angelic beings, despite their un-fallen, untainted holiness.

The covering of the angels’ feet speaks to me of their submission and willing surrender to the service of God. We have to remember that God has commissioned angelic beings to serve his people on Earth as well as serving Him directly in Heaven.

God is not just holy, He is three times holy.

Isaiah noticed that the angels were crying out, "Holy, holy, holy is the LORD God Almighty!" What was apparent was that they were calling this back and forth to one another so that God could hear their sublime, out-of-this world harmonies. Things and people are not made holy as if by magic, but by being set apart and dedicated to God. This is the point of Isaiah’s encounter. Everything about it confronts Isaiah with the holiness of God. In turn he will be made holy himself.

The three-fold repetition carries a double significance.

First, in Hebrew, repetition underlines and emphasises the reality stated, so that the hearer takes special note of it. To assert a description twice indicates a superlative display of that quality. To say it three times denotes a super-superlative.

Second, the three-fold emphasis draws implicit attention to the unique being of the God of the Bible. He is the triune God. God is a Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and has eternally been so

This is the very heart and centre of Isaiah’s vision. They focus instead on the one attribute of God that sets Him apart from all of His creation – His holiness. his completely sinless nature.

We worship and are related to a God who is utterly free from any impurity whatsoever! God is completely without sin. Everything begins with a sight of the magnificent reality of God’s holiness. It helps us to place everything else in its true perspective.

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