the BIG story: Revelation 22

It seems a long time since Genesis 1!  40 days and some Sundays! And here’s the last section. There are perhaps no more significant and awesome words in Scripture than those of this epilogue. These verses are full of encouragement, declaration, warning, and response to God. They are tremendously significant.

Here is another of the beatitudes of Scripture, the pronouncement of blessing or happiness upon those who comply with certain principles of the Word. ““Blessed”, of course, means happiness and spiritual contentment which comes from knowing and trusting the Lord by keeping His Word and living by its truth.

For church age saints, finding happiness and spiritual joy through the words of this prophecy involves such things as:

(a) Observing the warnings of chapters 2 and 3 to the church, warnings against dead, cold orthodoxy, apostasy, immorality, materialism, etc.

(b) Living constantly in light of the presence of Christ in our midst and of His imminent coming, knowing that our work in the Lord is never in vain.

(c) Carrying on a vital witness, having an open door to the unbelieving world in view of the coming Tribulation and the lake of fire that we might see men snatched from hell (Jude 23).

(d) Living as sojourners who refuse to become bogged down with materialism and who live with a view to the eternal city.

(e) Enduring the trials of this life during this age of darkness, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, the glory which is to follow.

(f) Remembering that God’s plan is being accomplished, that He is sovereign and still on the throne as we see this old world moving farther and farther away from the Lord and the absolutes of His Word.

God Alone is Worthy of Worship (8-9)
John is overawed by the things the angel had revealed to him. In the process, he again falls down to worship at the feet of the angelic messenger. God, who is the Creator of all that John had seen, is alone worthy of such worship.

The Promise that this Book is Not Sealed (10-11)
To seal up a book means to conceal, hide its message. This book is never to be sealed and is to be understood and applied from the day John received it. Why? Because the time is near, imminent, and people need the truth of this book to understand what God is doing and to prepare for what is coming.

The Promise of Reward at the Lord’s Coming (12)
Everyone going to be with Jesus Christ take with them the possibility of special rewards and responsibilities, but the way we live while here on earth will determine just how we will reign with the Lord, our specific place of responsibility.

The Promise and Statement of Christ’s Eternality (13)
Alpha and Omega are, of course, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. The Lord is both the source as well as the goal of all things; He is the Eternal Word. Therefore, Christ’s will fulfil these promises.

The Promise of Blessings to Those Who Wash Their Robes (14-15)
Here is the seventh and final beatitude in Revelation. The robe stands for one’s condition of righteousness. A dirty robe stands for being without righteousness, falling short of the glory of God. A washed robe is one which has been made white and clean by faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It means the person stands in the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ. It stands for imputed righteousness or justification by faith in Jesus Christ.

The Promises to the Churches (22:16)
What does a morning star do? It heralds and assures us of a new day and of the conclusion of the night (Rom. 13:11-14). So Jesus, as the bright morning star, heralds and assures us of the conclusion of this night season and the coming of a new day which will begin by his return for the church.

The Invitation and the Promise of Life without Cost (22:17)
“Come” is in the present tense meaning, “come today.” It is an invitation  to come to Christ. It reminds us of the concept of Isaiah 55:6

Seek the Lord while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near

The invitation to come and take is an urgent command for the day will arrive when it is too late. Today is a day of grace, but a day of judgment is imminent and impending. So “come”.

The Benediction (22:20-21)
The Tribulation has stressed the wrath of a holy God. But for the true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ there is only grace, grace, marvellous grace. The Old Testament ends with the word “curse,” for it is the warning given an earth.  But now Christ has come and put away sin by the sacrifice of himself. And so Scripture can end with a blessing.

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