the BIG story: Genesis 3

image I read this recently that among the unbelieving population, Frank Sinatra’s song, My Way is number one favourite choice at funerals. The chorus is revealing: “But best of all I did it my way.” My Way is a dirge of death, marking the imploding of autonomous self.  Adam and Eve do it "my way".

Eve’s basic needs and desires fell into three categories that share parallels with 1 John 2:15-17.

Physical: “good for food.” 
“The lust of the flesh”: the desire to do something contrary to God’s will. “It will feel good.” The desire for food was a part of what drew Eve into sin. The body exercises a pull on us and sin can use various physical appetites. There are various desires of the body, the desire for ease, laziness, appetite, greed for physical pleasure, sexuality. All of these are channels down which we may be drawn into sin.

Emotional: “delight to the eyes.” 
“The lust of the eyes”: the desire to have something apart from God’s will. “It looks good.” The power of eyesight has an amazing ability to stimulate the desire for sin. It is stronger in this than any other of the body’s senses. Seeing it will heighten our appetite for something. There is an added desire that comes by looking—enticements that come through the imagination, stirred by something seen. If sinless Eve could be pulled down, how much more those who are born sinful.

Intellectual: “desirable to make one wise.” 
“The boastful pride of life”: the desire to be something apart from God’s will. “It will make me better.”

When Eve brought the fruit to Adam, she was acting contrary to the “helper” principle (2:18). Instead of benefiting and aiding Adam, she is contributing to his downfall. She is actually inviting him and pressuring him to accept that which is contrary to divine viewpoint.

What sin have you invited a loved one to talk you into committing? Disobedience of God’s Word almost always affects someone else. Most tragically, it affects those we love the most. Eve’s disobedience affected her husband, her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, and every descendant since. The problem of sin doesn’t stop with the choice. Choosing to sin leads to consequences.

Satan’s Strategy:

    1. Satan attacks the family. He didn’t concern himself with Adam until he was married.

    2. Satan attacks new believers and those that aren’t in relationships with other believers. They are usually easy prey.

    3. Satan attacks when you least expect it. He loves the element of surprise. When you are at ease, relaxed, off guard, or secure, watch out! Eve was in a perfect environment, without a care in the world, when Satan attacked.

    4. Satan attacks our trust in God.

    5. Satan poisons truth with lies.

    6. Satan appeals to our pride.

    7. Satan makes promises that won’t be kept.

Our Response:

    1. Realise your vulnerability.

    2. Strengthen your weakness. Beware of sowing “wild oats” and then praying for a “crop failure”!

    3. Deepen your faith.

    4. Know and use God’s Word (2 Tim 2:15). “It is written” (Matt 4). Ignorance or disregard of God’s Word makes one very vulnerable to temptation (Ps 119:11).

    5. Stand strong. Refuse to give in(Eph 6:10).

    6. Resist Satan (Jas 4:7; 1 Pet 5:8-9).

    7. Trust in God’s provision (Ps 16:11). Express gratitude to Him for all that He has done for you.

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