Lent 2009 (30) – Do what you will

Love your neighbour as yourself. Love cannot wrong a neighbour; therefore the whole law is summed up in love. Romans 13:10

There is much written about love in the Bible and the more we read about it the more we realise that, as the messianic believer Birgitta Yavari-Ilan says, ”God is love, and love lives where God is let in”.

When we are called to love our neighbours as ourselves we are being called to see great worth in everybody. And when we practice God’s love in all that we do there is no need for any other kind of law. The laws of love given to us by God cover them all. If we love other people we will not sin against them. As Christian believers we do not live by a set of rules; we live according to the grace of God. We live, day by day, wanting to obey God and to help other people. When we stop and ask ourselves why we want to do this, it is because Christ’s love lives in our hearts.

There is a famous saying of St Augustine of Hippo that says; “Love and do what you will.”

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