What's with a veggie day

I’m trying to follow the Love Life Live Lent suggestions, although really starting this blog as a spiritual discipline. Vegetarian day today An challenging idea. Fortunately I was at a Quaker retreat centre so it ought to have been all quiche and herbal tea anyway. Ok so here’s the irony – the other party in was the Oxford Diocese so you think they’d be up for Love Life Live Lent, and we had …. beef curry. Actually, curry like my mum would have made: mince with curry powder, potatoes, and green beens.

Came across this from Mustard Seed:

Lent is a 40 day period before Easter that commemorates the time Jesus spent in the wilderness. In the early church this was a time of preparation for those about to be baptized. Today it is seen as a time of reflection and repentance for all Christians. Out of this season should come a realignment of our lives to God and God’s purposes.

It is not surprising that in a culture like ours, few people practice fasting and self-sacrifice during Lent anymore. Deliberately walking with Christ towards the Cross never comes at bargain prices, it is very costly. In fact it demands our whole lives but it is absolutely necessary if we want to become the disciples God intends us to be. It means recognizing that the true self is made in the image of God and reflects the characteristics that are true to God’s image – love and compassion, concern for justice for the poor and freedom from oppression…considering the needs of others as more important than my own.

I think many will get a shock when they enter the kingdom of God. It will be a real cross-cultural experience for them because the bargain price values they have lived by will be totally worthless. Fortunately, God’s spirit continues to work within all of us enabling us to confront the false self and its cheap values. It constantly breaks down the barriers that distort our ability to lead a life that is fully integrated with God and God’s ways. During this season of Lent reflect on your own values. Where have you gone after a bargain and sacrificed God’s values as a consequence? Where is the spirit of God nudging you to change so that your false self will be transformed into the true self that reflects the glory of God?

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