Kingdom Matrix

Jeff Christopherson argues that the Kingdom of God advances only through the counter-cultural faith steps of allegiance to the King. The masters to whom we pay allegiance clearly indicate the Kingdom we advance at any given moment. In the battle of good and evil, there clearly is no demilitarized zone. We are for Him or we are against Him. We are never undecided.

I’m rather partial to a matrix, so I like this Kingdom one from Christopherson:

  Self Kingdom
Seeker The Self Seeker The Kingdom Seeker
Expander The Brand Expander The Kingdom Expander

1. The Self Seeker: "A lover of myself"
2 Timothy 3:1-4 describes this group. Where the dominion of darkness intersects with the secular, we will always find a narcissistic, self-absorbed person. This segment of any society, by virtue of their actions, unconsciously considers loving themselves as the greatest good.

2. The Brand Expander: "A lover of my truth"
2 Timothy 3:5 describes this sacred version of the Self-Seeker. He is any one of us who uses the church of Jesus Christ to insulate us from the expectations of the Kingdom of God and ultimately from our personal accountability to its King.

3. The Kingdom Seeker: "A lover of ideals"
Ecclesiastes 3:11 speaks of residual wiring that recognises things of eternal significance. While the Brand-Expander chooses to value temporal effects that bring more comfort or prestige to its cardholding constituency, Kingdom Seekers believe that people are of paramount importance and will personally sacrifice for the bona fide needs that they discover. They look with suspicion at those who claim to speak for the Almighty but who live lives of perpetual unconcern with what any God of love should value. They are the greatest audience for a Kingdom advancing church.

4. The Kingdom Expander: "A lover of Christ"
The Kingdom-expanding leader lives his life with the unshakable conviction that the improbable ways of God are the only paths to accomplish the eternal purposes of God. It is the Christian life living out the full intention and expression of both Ephesians 2:8-10 and James 2:14-19. A life of both orthodoxy and orthopraxy. Christ living His life out through a submissive and obedient community of faith.

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