What’s on the other side of the Bridge?

The ‘bridge illustration’ really is a good presentation of the gospel, even if it is just part of the gospel.  I have seen the light come on for children and adults where they begin to understand what God has done for them in a deeper way.

For those focussed on black and white morality, the ‘bridge illustration’ makes a lot of sense.  “We are over here because of sin.  God is over there because he is perfect.  But in Jesus we can be with God again.”  It makes sense.  It is simple.  It answers a spiritual puzzle.

But there is a problem. The bridge is an illustration, not the entire reality.  This leads to the spiritual immaturity and stunted growth.  At the beginning it is true, but faith must grow here and now, and not merely wait for heaven.  We can’t remain stuck on the level of the ‘bridge’ for our entire spiritual lives.

To build strong disciples of Jesus requires us to understand that the God side of the bridge is much much more than ‘going to heaven’. It is in fact ‘life in the kingdom’ here and now, as well as then and forever. The ‘bridge’ is a great tool. The Lord’s Prayer talks about God’s Kingdom coming to earth from heaven in the now and for the future.

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