Using custom forms in Outlook


We use an Outlook custom form to keep our church contacts data in Public Folders on an Exchange Server 2003.   I’ve found it a bit of a trouble to update them so I’m just writing down what I have found works.

To edit a form, in Outlook go to Tools | Forms | Design a form.


I’ve found it’s important to clearly name the form to distinguish it from others.  Also I record the version number on the Properties tab in the edit window, I’ve used the date as the version number.

Then to save it hit save and ignore the warning that the record is blank.

But then publish it to the organizational forms library.

To create the records in the public folder using this form, right click the folder and choose Properties.  In the General tab, choose "when posting…." use Forms, navigate to the organizational forms library and choose the custom form.


Updating a custom form can be a fiddle.

Open the form from the organizational forms library, edit save and republish.  Sometimes you need to then update the cached copy of the form on a local computer. 

To do this choose the Forms tab in the folder’s properties option.  The Manage button and then clear cache. I also check the the local copy (on the right hand side of the window) is up to date.


I’ve often gone around in circles at this point.  The left hand side is the organizational forms library.  I added the text to the left of the Set button, in Exchange server: Folders | Public folders | right click and choose View system folders and then edit the EFORMS REGESTRY folder name to something recognisable.

Or maybe there is a better way!!

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