Create a formatted signature in Outlook Express

To do this you need to create an HTML signature. Outlook Express comes with its own HTML editor for email composition, so you can use it to compose your HTML signature.

1. Open a new email.
2. In the email body: type your and format signature how you want it to appear in emails.
3. Once you are done, click on the email’s File menu, and choose Save As.
4. From the “Save as Type” dropdown, choose “HTML”.
5. Give your file a name, and save it where you will find it (like the Desktop).
6. Click Save.

Then go to the Options | Signatures dialog box.

Select the radio button labelled File, browse for the HTML signature file you just created, and instruct Outlook Express to use it for this signature’s text.

Click Ok on Outlook Express’ Options dialog. Your HTML signature is now ready to be used.

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