Lightning calendar syncing with Google Calendar

Lightning is the excellent calendar add-on for the Thunderbird mail client. Try the 0.8 nightly for the best working version.

There are two ways to sync the calendar with your Google one. The first is the use the “Provider for Google Calendar” add-in for Thunderbird. Quick and easy to install, for me it has one major drawback, the lack of an off-line cache. Whilst I have broadband and therefore am able to be on-line all the time, the lack of a cache causes another problem. As I move from month to month, the Provider add-on has to read the Google calendar before displaying it. This is a slow process.

The other alternative, to which I have just swapped, is Gcaldaemon. This is a trickier thing to install, but provides a cache to browsing the calendar (even when on line) is immediate. It’s worth getting Gcaldaemon to work, as it’s a much better option.

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