BT smartmail server with MS Exchange 2003

There is a load of advice out there about how to use btconnect as a mail relay or smarthost.

This is my experience. 

1. Contact BT and ask them to register your domain so you can use their smtp server as a mail relay.  The agent I spoke to completely understood what I wanted and the relay was operative in a few minutes.  Contact BT SUPPORT on 0845 600 7020 and request to have mail relay set up for you. If the domain name is registered in a different name from your BT Business account you need to send BT proof that you are entitled to use it:

  • a copy of the domain name registration certificate
  • a copy of the invoice from the domain name registrar
  • permission from the domain name owner provided on company headed pape

Our domain name and admin address matched our business name and address so I don’t need to send any proof..

2. I changed my DNS to point my existing outgoing.domainname to point to,  But I imagine you could use as the mail server address in Exchange server,.

3. Everyone says that you need to change the authentication in Exchange server smtp connector.  This is logical because a normal account needs this to work. BUT I found that the smtp smarthost connector DOES NOT need authentication for BT servers. USE anonymous access instead and it works perfectly.



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