Windows Live Writer 2010


I’m a big fan of Windows Live Writer.  I use it all the time for my blogging. Microsoft have just released the 2010 beta which now has a cracking Office 2007/2010 feel to it, including the ribbon bar.  It is much easier to see layouts and the HTML styles.  Definitely worth the upgrade. 

Also included, if you so choose, is Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, and several more useful apps. Just watch out you don’t download want you don’t need!

I especially like the new Outlook Connector Pack. It added what’s called the "People Pane" to my Outlook 2007. That in turn integrates social networking (although FaceBook isn’t yet available, but coming soon) but better, it aggregates all messages from a sender under the preview pane and when you open an email. A very convenient option and similar to Xobni, which I never took to.

Windows Live Essentials beta

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