On blogging

Bryan Appleyard reminds us that the blogscape is not for the faint hearted. There is a false sense of security in the ease by which you can type something, hit publish, and it is out there for 1.7 billion people to read. There is a shocking disconnect between one fact (sitting at your computer) and another (instant visibility to the whole Internet community). Appleyard gives the example of stepping out of the toilet only to discover you are standing on the centre spot of Wembley stadium.

But that’s the point, it’s it? Blogging, and social networking generally, is a broadcast and not a publication, ‘a spontaneous expression of instant thought’. True blogging is done in the moment, it is unconsidered, in the mood. I’m too cautious to do that! But it does seem to me that a blog needs to be read in the light of its authorship. Lightly and tentatively.

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