Prophey and Strategy

I’ve been impressed for many years with the wise advice that Mike Bickle gives from his experience of having an upsurge of the prophetic in his church. In particularly he addresses the relationship between the prophetic and church leadership. Growing in the Prophetic is still available.

My good friend Mike Betts reflects on a similar issue in Leadership Link:

In our leadership team and church we make room for prophetic ministry to come in shaping programs and individual ministries. We seek to weigh and discern God’s voice then once we feel we have heard the heart of God we implement it practically:

  • Prayer meeting agendas are shaped by the prophetic.
  • Leadership goals and objectives are shaped according to the prophetic. For example if God has spoken about us having a new building we need to go and look for one.
  • Staff and budgets are apportioned in line with the things God has said
  • We cast vision in the church to ensure everyone continues to serve the same vision.

We feedback to prophetic ministry to both encourage and to keep our ears open to fresh instruction from God.

When apostles and prophets work together the most powerful and strategically vibrant leadership combination is possible. Prophets to show the way and Apostles to build like wise master builders. In reading the New Testament it seems that is how God intends the local church to function.

Genuine prophecies should not get filed under ‘P’ in someone’s filing cabinet. They are living working documents to build to.

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