Gray’s Matrix

At GBC we have begun to try and use a variant of Gray’s Matrix as a basis for our commitment to: Love God | Love each other | Make disciples (see image below).

Frank Gray developed the Engels scale (which is essentially a knowledge based understanding of the gospel) to include a second axis.

This defines the hearer’s antagonism/enthusiasm towards the gospel. Gray argues that Christian evangelistic effort often fails to reach people who are low down the Engels scale because the gospel has been presented in Christian language and thought-forms to those who are simply hostile to Christianity.

Effective evangelism not only requires people to obtain more knowledge – they must also move from a position of antagonism/indifference to a more positive viewpoint. They are unlikely to find out more until they view Christianity more positively.

In my variant, the horizontal scale speaks of the hearer’s antagonism/ indifference towards the church or Christians. Whilst potentially limiting Gray’s helpful focus on the emotional journey that seekers have towards the gospel, in reality antagonism/indifference towards the gospel usually has a close correlation to antagonism/indifference towards the church.

Similarly, whilst Engels is often used as a evangelistic tool, Gray extends that scale to include discipleship.

Our variant provides that the two axes directly relate to the Great Commandment: Love God and Love Others. Therefore, the horizontal axis maps a growing commitment to other Christians.

‘Moving people to the top right’‚ needs to become the catch-phrase for a envisioning and strategic planning.

These are the links to other websites which I have found that reflect on the Matrix: Helpful basic explanation. Frank Gray worked for FEBC and their website with plenty of other data and links.

To be continued!

2 comments to Gray’s Matrix

  • Frank

    Would be interested in knowing how you apply the Gray Matrix to your church situation. In what ways is it most useful: training? planning? etc.

    By the way, you have a bad typo in the title – it should be “Matrix” 🙂


  • I would be grateful if you would update your information above. The current Gray Matrix website is found at The old site may also be found at the site.

    Thank you for your attention..


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