Create | Engage | Participate | Risk

I came across “Create | Engage | Participate | Risk” as a brief explanation of worship in the emerging church, Grace based in west London (

Grace is a Christian alternative worship community/network. It has varying degrees of importance/significance/levels of commitment for the people involved. Some are involved in other churches and Grace is a supplement, some are involved in St Mary’s and Grace is part of that, for some Grace is their church. There are also the complexities of how people’s partners and children fit in or are part of Grace. But it is the people and the network of friendships/relationships that makes Grace what it is.

Grace is about worship in ways and forms that we can relate to. It is an authentic offering of worship to God out of who we are, not something we target other people with. Implicit in this is the idea that if we produce worship that we relate to, we will be able to invite friends.

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