The Americanization of the congregation

"The ink on my ordination papers wasn’t even dry before I was being told by experts, so-called, in the field of church that my main task was to run a church after the manner of my brother and sister Christians who run service stations, grocery stores, corporations, banks, hospitals, and financial services. Many of them […]

The Table in the Neighbourhood

David Fitch posted this fascinating description of how his family use Friday evening meals to develop community.  Many of our church’s reflections last Easter also picked up the same themes:  David’s approach would work well for a missional community but also for any small group wanting to bring fresh life to their time […]

Why “go to church”?

We can get into some bad habits for “going to church”.’ David Fitch sets out six bad reasons to “go to church”

Don’t go to church …

1. OUT OF DUTY Spiritual disciplines are good if they are openings for God to work and shape out lives into Jesus’ life and mission.  When a […]

language, literalists and lemmings

Eugene Peterson in conversation, see video from 13:58ff.. Context is “translation is betrayal“:

EP: “..the worst translations are those that try to be literal” Interviewer: “Wasn’t it Luther who said, “Literalists are lemmings’“? EP: “That’s right… We’re translating all the time. Preachers translate Scripture every time they preach. Reading is a type of translating. I […]

Something else on “leavers”

I’ve been meaning to write something else on “leavers” for a while.  David Finch got me thinking about the positives: Even with leavers we are building the Kingdom. Turnover is to be expected, but it should not be dismissed. It’s the opportunity to be used to build God’s Kingdom:

I have a rather simplistic […]

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