Kingdom Planting

I’m impressed with this insight from David Fitch:

I would like to call all missional church planters (and for that matter missional leaders period)  into “political organising” for the Kingdom.

“Political organisers” (often called “community organisers”) work in neighbourhoods, villages and cities to gather people around a cause for the improvement of certain […]

Toxic bath water

I find this very well put by Rick Lawrence

"The truth is, we’re all born into toxic water—there’s not a person on earth who has escaped the “sin bath.” That means all of us, to use Lady Gaga’s template, are “born this way.” Some of that toxic residue is more culturally acceptable—greediness, selfishness, insecurity, anger, […]

Another same sex marriage insight!

My blog feeds are awash with articles on same sex marriage but this one caught my eye. My guess is that Doug Mainwaring and I are at the opposite ends of the political spectrum. He being the co-founder of National Capital Tea Party Patriots whose core values: Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. […]

Nothing in the guise of something

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while.  Žižek on Coke:

"I want to begin with Coca-cola. It’s no surprise that Coca-cola was first introduced as a medicine. Its strange taste seems to provide no particular satisfaction. It is not directly pleasing, however, it [it has no use, unlike] water, beer or wine, […]

Believe without believing

My view is that the "single-sex marriage issue" will become yet another master-signifier within the Christian world.  A master signifier is an vacuous organising principle created from a fantasy but which allows a person feel good for what he or she has done or believes. Yet it demands nothing of this person. In essence it […]

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