What did Paul teach ‘everywhere in every church’?

Here’s a thought.

What did Paul teach “everywhere in every church”? Jesus as the Son of David, the atoning death of Jesus on a cross, his resurrection and enthronement as Lord, justification by faith, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the unity of the family of God across racial and social lines, the law of […]

"For" and "with"

I often make the point whilst we have responsibility to people (to care, to love, to support, to nurture) we are not responsible for them (especially at the end of the day their decisions).  This essay by Samuel Wells takes this further:

The word that sums up the spirit of Christianity, is “for.” We cook […]

Spiritual warfare is spiritual warfare

Jeremiah 18.16 (NASV) To make their land a desolation, An object of perpetual hissing; Everyone who passes by it will be astonished And shake his head.

Not every translation has the word "hissing" in the text. In translations like the NIV the physical act of hissing is replaced with the feeling of scorn. 

Richard […]

On the eve of the Big Bang

Let me tell you how God redeemed the world. On the eve of the Big Bang, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were making a final run-through of their plans for the event. The Son was enthusiastic. "I think we’ve nailed it," he said to the Father. "I’m going to speak everything […]

Reading Herem Non-Violently

Joshua is a hard book. It’s basically a story of war and conquest, of the tribes of Israel entering the Promised Land and eradicating and displacing the peoples living in the land. Anyone who has taken the trouble to look dispassionately at it quickly comes across some very difficult passages.

I argued here that […]

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