First impressions

Despite my bleak contribution to Simon Jones’ excellent critic of “attractional” mission, I have (in time for Back to Church Sunday) been thinking about enhancing our welcoming and stewarding.

To that end I’ve dipped into First Impressions by Mark Waltz. Waltz argues that guests to church services want, when they arrive, to know two things […]

Multiplex church: Not an either/or but another both/and

I’ve been thinking a bit about the mission of a local church.  So I’ve jotted down these three ways that churches relate to culture:

‘Attractional’ churches adopt a ‘you come to us’ approach. Their activities are designed to encourage people to journey into God’s love by joining the existing inherited church. If they are involved […]

Spiritual Gifts and Graces – Understanding your personality and its impact on your prayer life

I came across this list recently and was mightily impressed about how our personality determines our response in prayer, and greatly challenged by the need to spend more time co-operating with myself in prayer.


Use the Myers-Briggs test results to find your prayer type.


Sensing Types

ISTJ […]

We know the end!

Someone mentioned Revelation 5.9 to me recently:

And they sang a new song:    “You are worthy to take the scroll       and to open its seals,    because you were slain,       and with your blood you purchased men for God       from every tribe and language and people and nation.    You have […]

They didn’t write books like this in my day, did they?

One of the most exciting things about returning to a local church pastorate, has been the renewed opportunity I’ve had to engage with more recent Christian literature. And I’m really enjoying that.

One of the things I especially notice is the change in the style of book titles. They used to be called “Knowing God” […]

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