Reading Herem Non-Violently

Joshua is a hard book. It’s basically a story of war and conquest, of the tribes of Israel entering the Promised Land and eradicating and displacing the peoples living in the land. Anyone who has taken the trouble to look dispassionately at it quickly comes across some very difficult passages.

I argued here that […]

What's wrong with the Gnostic Gospels

I was recently asked what sources can we use to ‘prove’ our belief that the Gnostic Gospels are unreliable. It’s a good question and one which is relatively straightforward to answer. The Gnostic Gospels have been rejected since the very earliest days of the church. The early church accepted the four NT gospels because they […]

Living in the Power of God (4)

Signs and wonders of the gospelRomans 15.13-22

1. A life overflowing with the power of God (v13)

Overflowing with joy and peace (Gal 5.22-23, Rms 5.1) Overflowing with trust and faith (Rms 1.17) Overflowing with hopeHope for today Hope for our future Hope for all creation Overflowing with the Holy Spirit

A life able to […]

Living in the Power of God (3)

The life free from condemnationRomans 7.14-8.4

1. A paradox of life (v14-21) However much we try to do the right things there is something at work in us which means we do the wrong thing (or is that just men?).

A Christian (v22)Since Origen (who was a heretic anyway), it has been a popular view […]


Gnosticism was probably the most erroneous teaching that arose in the early church (during the first three centuries). Gnosticism comes from the Greek word gnosis which means “to know”. It is a serious error which appears time and again in church history and is the basis of many cults.

Gnostics claim to possess a secret […]

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