Delivering a Prophetic Word

Faithfully Delivering the Word

How do we know it is the right time to share what we have seen or heard from God? Though everyone is unique, and prophesy can vary with to circumstance, culture and temperament, some common themes emerge which may help us recognize the voice of the Spirit as we start […]

Learning to Prophesy

A. Stir up the Gift

1. Be humble (Jam 3:14-17; Rev 3:7)

2. Value the gift of prophecy (1 Cor 14:3)

3. Ask God for the gift of prophecy and then stir it up (1 Cor 14: 1, 39-40)

4. Determine to say whatever God gives you to say (Lk 16:9-10; 1 Thess 5:19)

5. […]

Prophecy: Listening to God

We learnt from our study of Habakkuk that listening is a key feature of a prophetic ministry.  Without the speaker listening carefully, there is no word to share.  Without the hearer listening carefully, there is no action on the word.


1. Not preaching (1 Tim 3; Tit 1; 1 Cor […]

Habakkuk: A Case Study


1. He got up early (1:2) He determined to pray and to “take counsel with his God” before he prophesied to his community. He began to call out to the Lord about the state of the nation.

2. He began to take careful note (1:3) He got involved. He observed first-hand […]