the BIG story: Revelation 22

It seems a long time since Genesis 1!  40 days and some Sundays! And here’s the last section. There are perhaps no more significant and awesome words in Scripture than those of this epilogue. These verses are full of encouragement, declaration, warning, and response to God. They are tremendously significant.

Here is another of […]

the BIG story: Revelation 21

There is surprisingly little revealed about the character of the new heaven and earth in Scripture. The main emphasis is its uniqueness; it is quite different from the old. The new heaven and earth is not simply the old renovated but an act of new creation (Rev. 20:1; 20:11; 2 Pet. 3:10, which describes the […]

the BIG story: Romans 8

If holy Scripture was a ring, and the Epistle to the Romans its precious stone, chapter 8 would be the sparkling point of the jewel.

The Spirit of Hope (8:18-25)

The Christian life is obviously no bed of roses, no flower-strewn pathway. It is a life of suffering, a life of struggle. These sufferings, […]

the BIG story: Mark 13

Hal Lindsay’s The Late Great Planet Earth was a book of it’s time. Allegedly, according to the New York Times, it was the number one best-selling non-fiction book in the decade of the 70’s. Lindsay plays the dangerous game of “this is that,” pointing to future people, nations, and events as depicted in biblical prophecy […]

the BIG story: Isaiah 65:17-25

At the end of the age, God will create a new heaven and a new earth and a new Jerusalem. It will be characterised by security, prosperity, safety, and close communion with God. Isaiah 65 picks up a theme continued by John in the Book of Revelation.

The central focus is the Lord, Immanuel; […]

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