The cloud of labels

Although I’m not using it at present, this is the way to create a Label Cloud, on Blogger, (for the “I’m writting about”… section): link.

Using Google Apps for email: stopping email being marked as spam

One thing about using Google Apps for your email is that sometimes outgoing mail can be marked as spam.

One possible reason is that mail is now being sent via a different domain (i.e. and not . This is a common technique by spammers, they use 3rd party domains to spoof email addresses.


Using ZoneEdit with Google Apps (Fasthosts example)

Google Apps provides great web hosting and email for free using a custom website address like this one.

Firstly, register a website name like this one: Mine is registered with Fasthosts and these notes show what to do using a Fasthosts registered address. Fasthosts charge £6ish per two years for a address.