Firefox 19+ problem with reading and printing pdfs

FF 19 has its own built-in viewer for pdf files. It does not seem to work properly. Displays are either poor quality or blank. Printing uses wrong typefaces and bad character spacing. Some colours prints and others do not.

Thankfully, it is easy to revert to using some other pdf viewer, such as Foxit […]

Where is the RSS Feed Icon in Firefox 4?

I’m a massive fan of Firefox and have been for since version 1 back in 2004.  I’ve been using 4.0 in beta for what seems like ages.  Where’s the RSS web feeds subscription button gone?

The new design of this button isn’t great either, It uses extra space and it is present in the […]

Firefox Inline Spell Checker

Firefox includes a built in spell checker. However, by default this does not check when  typing into a single line entry box (e.g. the comments box on Facebook or the Google search box).

Firefox Inline Spell checking example

How to make Firefox spellchecker check for spelling errors inline