Stop facing front and face each other

Detonate, destroy, and disassemble the pulpit. When all eyes are focused towards the front, they’re not focused on Jesus or His people. How many hours of a Christian’s life is spent looking at the back of another’s head instead of into another eyes? How are you suppose to weep with those who weep if […]

Rhythms of Grace

Abide is the Missional Community of St James & Emmanuel, Didsbury

Abide has been going now for six months and finds its identity in two places.  Firstly in gatherings and then secondly in a missional lifestyle focused around the ‘Five Rhythms of Grace’.  They gather every second Tuesday for a shared meal and then […]

Church as a shop window (2)

Whilst still thinking about the church as a shop window for the Kingdom of God, I came across this from Tim Keller in his book Center Church which I am reading at present

“Using the concept of sphere sovereignty, it is best to think of the organized church’s primary function as evangelizing and equipping […]

Church as a shop window

The church is a present-day sign of the kingdom of God.

We are signs of the kingdom in our confession and repentance, demonstrating our need for Christ, showing that God’s acceptance of us is based not on what we do for him but on what our Lord Jesus has done on our behalf.

We […]

Public Square and Family Circle

In our post-Christian society, I suspect that the more we proclaim our Christian ethics the more it will simply offend an unregenerate mind and add to their darkness; hence the frequently used tags of hypocritical, judgemental and homophobic. We need to learn what it means to live in post-Christendom.  And a good place to […]

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