About me


Welcome to my website which is named after the two mighty willow trees behind which we used to live. We have moved and they are now just stumps but we enjoyed them being a landmark and giving shade to our garden.

Some people blog their daily life story. I use my blog to reflect further on some of the sermons I preach and anything else theological or ecclesiastical which catches my interest. Occasionally, I’ll blog an ICT solution or post some family pictures.

My blog postings are replicated on my Facebook account. You can subscribe to an RSS feed either on this site or at Facebook.

I welcome comments but you need to login using your Google, Live Journal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, or OpenID credentials.

Technical Stuff
This site is running on a JustHost server using WordPress and edited using Live Writer. I use Fasthosts as my domain register, and ZoneEdit as my domain DNS provider. We use Google Apps for our email. I have posted how to use Google Apps with a Fasthost registration.

Use OpenDNS